Raven Tools Features

Updated by John McKeever   2020-05-13

I use professional software Raven Tools to manage your SEO project.

Site Audits

Raven Tool's site auditor evaluates 17 different metrics. I use this to find and fix SEO problems on your site.

Keyword Research

Raven Tools uses world-class data sources such as Majestic, Moz, Google, Bing, and Open Calais to provide domain authority metrics, keyword insights, and domain information. I use this data to identify keywords that can be added to your web pages, and research your competitors in search results for potential advantage.

Backlink Analysis

Your website can be analyzed to get an advanced look at its backlinks. Competitors can be researched to understand why they're ranked, identify toxic links, discoveries followed up with Raven's Link Manager.

Rank Tracking

The rank of your keywords can be tracked by search engine, location, zip code, device - daily / weekly / monthly with Authority Labs data.

Comprehensive SEO Data

Raven Tools integrates with Google Analytics, Search Console, Majestic and Moz. Raven also has the ability to surface specific SEO-centric metrics to identify important SEO data points.


Pay Per Click data can be viewed from three different sources: Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. View Impressions, CPM, CTR, conversions, clicks, conversion rate, total conversion value, cost per conversion, and see what each ad looks like on the SERP or on social with important metrics side by side with your ads.


Important metrics like replies, your reach, followers, retweets, shares, and a host of other metrics can be reported.


Reporting on open rates, click rates, unsubscribes, and view everything with a line chart to visualize the data. Events can be created and specific campaigns tagged to keep track of specific emails.

Call Tracking

Raven Tools integrates Callrail, allowing Callrail data to be tracked and reported on with the rest of your statistics data.


I can create custom performance reports within Raven Tools based on the above data, containing just the information you need. If you want SEO for your website, contact me now or get an instant free and no obligation estimate.