Domain Names & Hosting

Updated by John McKeever   2020-05-15

If you require a domain name or web hosting - I highly recommend MDDHosting, I've used them myself for years.

MDDHosting Plans

A domain name is the main address of a website, for example. You register a domain name for a fee to make it yours, and pay an annual recurring fee to keep your domain. Hosting is the storage of your website on a computer that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, a web server. MDDHosting provide the servers, located in a data-center, and charge a monthly or annual fee for their hosting service. The domain name points at the website files (pages, images, etc.) that sit on the server, allowing them to be accessed from a web browser via the domain name.

A domain name must be registered through a company like MDDHosting that provide this service. It is possible to use your own computer for the website hosting, however most small businesses will store their website on a server provided by a hosting company such as MDDHosting. MDD provide a super fast internet connection for your site, look after the servers, handle security and backups, and provide 24/7 support. All for a low monthly or annual fee.

I recommend MDDHosting for hosting your website. You get an excellent reliable service and 24/7 support if required. I use them myself and I'm very happy with their service. You can also register your domain name with MDD, it makes sense to have your domain and hosting with one company. I recommend MDD to all of my web clients.

If you need any help with domains or hosting please contact me.